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Watch PDC World Darts Championship Live Stream

PDC World Darts Championship Live Online, 2013/2014 – Alexandra Palace, London.

The 2014 Ladbrokes PDC World Darts Championships begins on December 13th with the finale taking place on new year’s day. As always, the event takes place at Alexandra Palace in London as Phil Taylor defends his 16th World Title against a field of top players from around the world. £250,000 is up for grabs, a record prize for the Sid Waddell Trophy.

Last year featured a fantastic final as Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor came from 4-2 down against Michael van Gerwen to win his 16th world title. This year’s event is sure to be another top spectacle with 72 players competing for the coveted trophy.

If you’re looking to get live streaming of this year’s Championships, we’ve got all the matches available for you to watch at home. Live video, commentary, see below for info on how to watch all the matches live on your PC, mobile or tablet.

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Enjoy this year’s PDC Championships live on your PC, iPad or iPhone with streaming video and live English commentary of all the matches and action from London! Check back during event time for results, scores and match highlights from the best of the day’s action.

First Round
Friday December 13 (7pm)
John Part v Mareno Michels
Rob Szabo v Ian Moss (P)
Peter Wright v Joe Cullen
Phil Taylor v Szabo/Moss
Richie Burnett v Dean Winstanley

Saturday December 14
Afternoon Session (12pm)

Mark Walsh v Jarkko Komula
Colin McGarry v Per Laursen (P)
Wayne Jones v Kevin McDine
Terry Jenkins v McGarry/Laursen
Ian White v Kyle Anderson

Evening Session (7pm)
Julio Barbero v Andree Welge (P)
Robert Thornton v Max Hopp
Gary Anderson v Mark Dudbridge
Andy Hamilton v Barbero/Welge
Paul Nicholson v Stuart Kellett
* Order of first two games changed at request of Sky Sports, whose first hour’s coverage is interactive via Red Button

Sunday December 15 (7pm)
Dave Chisnall v John Henderson
Dennis Lindskjold v Colin Osborne (P)
Raymond van Barneveld v Jamie Lewis
Brendan Dolan v Lindskjold/Osborne
Jamie Caven v Jelle Klaasen
* Colin Osborne replaces Edward Santos, who withdrew on December 8 due to travel problems.

Monday December 16 (7pm)
Ronnie Baxter v Ricky Evans
Devon Petersen v Mohammed Latif Sapup (P)
Kim Huybrechts v Ronny Huybrechts
Steve Beaton v Petersen/Sapup
Mervyn King v Darin Young

Tuesday December 17 (7pm)
Colin Lloyd v Beau Anderson
Zoran Lerchbacher v Ben Ward (P)
Vincent van der Voort v Matt Clark
Michael van Gerwen v Lerchbacher/Ward
Simon Whitlock v Ross Smith

Wednesday December 18 (7pm)
Andy Smith v Steve Brown
Morihiro Hashimoto v Paul Lim (P)
Justin Pipe v Arron Monk
Michael Smith v Hashimoto/Lim
Adrian Lewis v Dennis Smith

Thursday December 19 (7pm)
Mark Webster v Mensur Suljovic
Gino Vos v Royden Lam (P)
James Wade v Darren Webster
Wes Newton v Vos/Lam
Kevin Painter v Tomas Seyler

Second Round
Friday December 20 (7pm)

Wright/Cullen v Jenkins/McGarry/Laursen
van Barneveld/J Lewis v Caven/Klaasen
Taylor/Szabo/Moss v M Smith/Hashimoto/Lim

Saturday December 21 (7pm)
Hamilton/Barbero/Welge v Burnett/Winstanley
Thornton/Hopp v Lloyd/B Anderson
K Huybrechts/R Huybrechts v White/K Anderson

Sunday December 22
Afternoon Session (12.30pm)

Dolan/Lindskjold/Osborne v G Anderson/Dudbridge
Painter/Seyler v Nicholson/Kellett
Whitlock/R Smith v Walsh/Komula

Evening Session (7pm)
Newton/Vos/Lam v Part/Michels
Chisnall/Henderson v M Webster/Suljovic
van Gerwen/Lerchbacher/Ward v W Jones/McDine

Monday December 23 (7pm)
Wade/D Webster v A Smith/Brown
King/Young v Baxter/Evans
A Lewis/D Smith v van der Voort/Clark

Friday December 27
Afternoon Session (12.30pm)

Pipe/Monk v Beaton/Petersen/Sapup
Third Round
Newton/Vos/Lam/Part/Michels v Thornton/Hopp/Lloyd/B Anderson
Hamilton/Barbero/Welge/Burnett/Winstanley v K Huybrechts/R Huybrechts/White/K Anderson

Evening Session (7pm)
Whitlock/R Smith/Walsh/Komula v Painter/Seyler/Nicholson/Kellett
Taylor Szabo/Moss/M Smith/Hashimoto/Lim v Wright/Cullen/Jenkins/McGarry/Laursen
Chisnall/Henderson/M Webster/Suljovic v van Barneveld/J Lewis/Caven/Klaasen

Saturday December 28
Afternoon Session (12.30pm)

A Lewis/D Smith/van der Voort/Clark v King/Young/Baxter/Evans
Wade/D Webster/A Smith/Brown v Pipe/Monk/Beaton/Petersen/Sapup
van Gerwen/Lerchbacher/Ward/Jones/McDine v Dolan/Lindskjold/Osborne/G Anderson/Dudbridge

Evening Session (7pm)
2x Quarter-Finals

Sunday December 29 (7pm)
2x Quarter-Finals

Monday December 30 (7pm)

Wednesday January 1 (8pm)

Get the latest streams for PDC World Darts Championship live on PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone.

13.12.2013 – John Part vs Mareno Michels,
13.12.2013 – Rob Szabo vs Ian Moss,
13.12.2013 – Peter Wright vs Joe Cullen,
13.12.2013 – Richie Burnett vs Dean Winstanley,
14.12.2013 – Mark Walsh vs Jarkko Komula,
14.12.2013 – Colin McGarry vs Per Laursen,
14.12.2013 – Wayne Jones vs Kevin McDine,
14.12.2013 – Ian White vs Kyle Anderson,
14.12.2013 – Robert Thornton vs Max Hopp,
14.12.2013 – Julio Barbero vs Andree Welge,
14.12.2013 – Gary Anderson vs Mark Dudbridge,
14.12.2013 – Paul Nicholson vs Stuart Kellett,
15.12.2013 – Dave Chisnall vs John Henderson,
15.12.2013 – Colin Osborne vs Dennis Lindskjold,
15.12.2013 – Raymond van Barneveld vs Jamie Lewis,
15.12.2013 – Jamie Caven vs Jelle Klaasen,
16.12.2013 – Ronnie Baxter vs Ricky Evans,
16.12.2013 – Devon Petersen vs Mohammed Latif Sapup,
16.12.2013 – Kim Huybrechts vs Ronny Huybrechts,
16.12.2013 – Mervyn King vs Darin Young,
17.12.2013 – PDC World Championship,
18.12.2013 – PDC World Championship,
19.12.2013 – PDC World Championship,

Who is favourite, Player Odds?
10/11 Phil Taylor
3/1 Michael van Gerwen
6/1 Adrian Lewis
25/1 James Wade
25/1 Raymond van Barneveld
25/1 Simon Whitlock
33/1 Dave Chisnall
50/1 Gary Anderson
50/1 Robert Thornton
50/1 Andy Hamilton
50/1 Kim Huybrechts
66/1 Justin Pipe
80/1 Peter Wright
100/1 Wes Newton
100/1 Mervyn King
E/W 1/2, First Two

TV Channels for PDC World Darts Championship:
Sky Sports (UK only), RTL7 (Holland), Sport 1 (Germany), OSN (Arabic nations), Fox Sports (Australia). Streaming for computers, mac, iPad or iPhone.

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